2016 ast right to rent etc

Looking to give tenants sect21 and they have been in since 2016 !
Apart from sect 21 and current gas cert , and current deposit is protected would I have to give them a current right to rent ?
I don’t know if they were about in 2016?.

I think you mean How to Rent. You need to give them a current one and the one that was current when the tenancy began. What about the EPC?

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I had a look last night and the tenancy started in May 2014 , so it wasn’t around then , I have sent a latest copy again yesterday afternoon and the deposit and epc are all fine .
Fingers crossed

If the tenancy has been renewed, including a Statutory Periodic Tenancy since 1 Oct 2015, you would need to serve all the documents. If not you dont need to serve any except the deposit PI for a s21 notice. Google s21 flowchart for more info.

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