£29 per advert or for 3 months of multiple adverts?

Is the pricing structure £29 per advert (property) or for 3 months of multiple adverts?

Hi Sam,

For portal advertising, it’s £29 to advertise one property on the portal websites (Zoopla, Rightmove, etc.).

It’s free to advertise properties on OpenRent.co.uk.

If you can point me to the source of your uncertainty, then I’d be happy to reappraise the wording.


Hi Sam, this answer was helpful. I was searching for the same thing when I found this Q&A. I didn’t find the marketing to be clear on this either. As it is free with OpenRent for multiple properties (I mean it is free, so doesn’t matter the number of properties advertised) and you have 2 other tiered prices £29 and £49, it is sort of unclear whether the “One-off payment” is per property or it is sort of a membership thing. Anyways, you asked for the source of uncertainty up there, I believe it could say “one-off payment per property/advert” or something like that.