3 Individuals on an AST

Morning everyone. Novice here, so please excuse if the answer is obvious. I have a viewing for a prospective tenant. It will be 3 individuals, husband, wife and a close friend. Is there anything i need to be aware of from an AST perspective. My question is if this is allowed? All 3 will be named on the agreement.

The tenant wanted to give me the heads up in advance as he said other flats that he has viewed, the landlords said this is not something they would consider…

Thanks is advance


The reason other landlords are turning them down is that the property will be an HMO. You should check whether the local authority have Additional Licensing in place for small HMOs, but even if they dont, you would have to abide by the HMO Managent Regulations 2006.

Thanks for your response David, much appreciated