A little more clarity

Why is the property taken off the website while potential tenants are going through the reference process? I wasn’t aware that this was the case when I signed up.

It can take days and in the mean time all other viewings are cancelled and if the credit checks etc fail on the first tenants then I have to start the process over again. It’s ridiculous.

Hi Caroline,

Once you have accepted a holding deposit, the property is taken offline and is essentially ‘on hold’ for the current application. However, it’s completely up to you whether you continue this way. Some landlords will reference multiple applicants using our stand alone reference service, then once they are happy with the tenants they’ll ask them to place the holding deposit.

This article will help explain how you can reference more than one set of tenants at the same time:

If you have any other questions please let us know. Elinor

Hello Caroline

I had the same issue. A couple applied and “eventually” failed referencing and I had to start again.
Really annoying. However as OpenRent state , you can do stand alone referencing but this is not clear from outset.
I still think OpenRent is value for money even with its quirks.

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