A question on EICR

Hi I am looking at a newbuild built around 2018 and it has a electrical installation certificate is it basically EICR?

Any suggestion helps!

The certificate would need to be to the 2018 wiring standards to meet the new legislation.

Provided you have an EIC and it clearly states it is a new install (not simply a replacement fuse board fot eg) you are covered for 5 years

It should be to the regulations in force at the time of the installation. If it were prior to the 2018 regs coming into force it is still OK. You don’t have to redo and upgrade every time the regs change. If it is not to the latest regs it will be noted on the paperwork.

A lot of electricians will make you upgrade to the latest regs but legally an Eicr can still be provided for older wiring. For eg we had a plastic consumer unit in one property. It had RCBO protection on every circuit and an eicr on this was fine.

Apart from that one we did upgrade our fuse boards to what they call amendent 3 boards anyway.