EICR or DEIC (electrical safety checks)

Hi folks, I have a DEIC (Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate) dated March 2019 for a 4 bed detached house rental property, the builder insists this certificate legally and safely covers the same as the EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). The DEIC was issued after complete replacement of the electrics with the exception of plugs and light fittings. Do I also now need the EICR or will the DEIC alone cover the property until March 2024. Thank you!

Speak to your council ( they are the ones that will penalise you )

Eic are given for works done but are not a report of the condition of the current electrics
If your plugs and lights were not changed were the cables to it changed
Is your rcd a metal board ( that’s what they are looking for )
Your certificate is not for a full rewire so it may not be interchangeable

Does your certificate confirm works to the 18th edition
Are there any recommendations on it
If there are
C1 and c2 issues must be dealt with

Thanks for the information (Alumni_Accommodation) your reply is complicated, I didn’t explain myself very well. I understand that all landlords need to have the EIRC before 01/04/2021, would the DEIC replace the need for the EIRC? Or do I need both, just to note the RCD was replaced when the property was rewired and the DEIC issued in March 2019.

Regulations are if your DEIC is for a full rewire ( that is everything) in a newbuild then it can be used instead of an EICR.

They are not interchangeable and are not the same thing

If your DEIC is for partial works it cannot be used, an EICR would be required.

From your post it reads that your DEIC is not for a full rewire ( plugs and light fittings not changed) so you need an EICR.

The EICR reports the condition of existing electrics ( in your case the sockets and light fittings). A DEIC only reports works that have been completed so it’s inadequate if there are existing electrics ( which you say you have)

Hope that helps