Add new letting to existing Rent Guarantee Insurance?

Is it usual to take out separate rent guarantee insurance for each letting, or can you add a new letting to an existing policy?

My situation is I already have RGI on property 1. I’m now, hopefully, about to let out property 2. Do I take out separate RGI for property 2, or can I add the new letting to the insurance on property 1?

I’m guessing separate insurance is easier, but would appreciate any comments.

Ask RGI provider. I suspect it is for each separate tenant.

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Are you sure RGI is worth having? Read other posts about it before potentially wasting you money.

I’d like to believe every policy is specific to a given property or properties.

Same way your landlord home emergency insurance applies to specified property/ies

As per RGI, you are most likely going to take separate policy per tenant. even if you have a single house with multiple tenants, am sure the insurance provider will do it per tenant

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