Landlord's Insurance

Hi. I manage a rented property in England and am resident in the EU.
Since 2012 I have purchased landlord’s insurance from Lloyds paying £25 per month which covers the property for damages and my public liability. The excess is £350. I asked if I could add on an option to cover rent should the tenants stop paying and to cover legal expenses. They told me they do not insure those eventualities.
It is not easy to find insurance cover for landlords who rent in the UK but live abroad when their rental business is not managed by a UK based estate agent, as in my case.
Do any of you guys have experience in the matter?
Lloyds told me to investigate ‘Towergate Insurance’ Tel: 0370 903 9388
which I will do, of course.

Most insurers don’t offer RGI any more and for those that do, you have to question whether its worth buying. I suggest you just beef up your selection process instead.

That saves me time searching. Your advice is like manor from heaven. Thanks.

We no longer use RGI. We do full comprehensive referencing and meet the tenants personally.

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