Advertising on Rightmove etc (property description)

I wrote my own description when I placed my Ad on the OpenRent site.
A few hours later the advert gets approval and a listing goes live on the Rightmove site but my description is no where to be seen. It seems to use OpenRent’s generic one.
Can this be changed?

Hi Colin,

It takes a short time for adverts to go fully live, and you may have noticed your advert has gone live with just basic details.

If you’d like to understand why we publish adverts in this way, or adjust your account preferences, you can do that here:

I would like my description to be up but not too fussed about every photo being there. I’ve just toggled the button on. Will my Right move and Zoopla listings which are already up with the generic description be changed now? I understand if this takes a while.