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Hi everyone,
I wonder if someone could help me to bring some clarity to my situation, I feel it is very unfair and I do not know how to proceed, this is what happened :
I am renting with Fraser and Co, last year my rent increased and I signed a contract last November for 12months. I found out a couple of weeks ago that this contract was not sent to the landlord so I were in rolling contract. The agent told me that this situation was irregular and we must signed a contract ASAP so he sent me a new contract through a platform called Goodlord for the same amount starting the 10th of August 23 till July 24 for the same amount I am paying and the same conditions (all discussed on WhatsApp)
I signed and send the contract and the agent said that everything was fine and the next step was waiting for the landlord to sign.

Today my agent told me that the landlord wants to increase the rent so the contract they sent me me and I signed is apparently not valid… The new rent will start before November this means a second increase in less than a year.
I feel that the whole situation is very unfair, that the contracts I have signed are no reliable at all, and my agent tries to push me to agree with the situation.

What can I do? Thanks in advance.

Hi. In a rolling contract a landlord can only increase rent every 12 months. There is nothing forcing you to sign a new contract, a lot of tenancies continue on a rolling basis for years and a lot of landlords and tenants prefer this. If you dont sign there is the risk landlord could look to end your tenancy, most wouldnt.

I suspect the pressure to renew a tenancy comes from the agent so they can charge the landlord.

It sounds as though the agent is either lieing to you or doesnt know what theyre doing. The agent acts for the landlord, so the latter is bound by everything the agent does. If the agent sent you a contract for a 12 month term and you signed, then the contract is made as soon as you pay the first months rent. The landlords signature is not required unless the contract says its only in force after his signature, which would be very unusual. There was no need for the agent to send you a new contract, but once you signed that one and paid the rent quoted in it, thats in force too. They cant then raise the rent until the fixed term expires. In your shoes I would decline the rent increase, although you should be aware that they may then try to evict you at the end of the term.

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