Advice on potential couple as tenants please offering guarantors

Hello. We have a 2 bed flat and the current tenants are leaving. We have seen a potential couple but they don’t meet the 3 x rent income criteria. One is a student and the other has recently graduated and will start 2 year research contract although he has not got a CofE yet. They have offered to pay 12 months rent up front and offered guarantors. We think we are good judge’s of character and they appear fine.

We have never used guarantors before so unsure how easy this is. Would you go ahead or pursue other possible tenants please?

Thanks very much

I am currently renting to a couple who failed referencing on the affordability calculation. They are a mature couple who I assumed would know how to manage their finances. So far my gut instinct has proved good. Also I didn’t request a years rent upfront so this should ease any reservations you may have.

go with your gut feeling . You have to like your tenants . They sound ok with 12 months and a guarrantor

Thank you for your feedback.
Will go with our gut feeling, having met them and proceed with them.

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