Advice about possible Tenants Please

Just had references come back and affordability for the partner female has come very low just over 12k grom self employed cleaning business - which is not even equal combined affordability for the rent.
They are not married so she is long term girlfriend/partner. 90% affordability only comes from the male partners uk self employed business- my concern is its a language school for a EU speaking company only, its only designed for learning EU languages.
My concern is his business is going down due to Brexit and his turnover from 2021 to 2022 income has gone down about 1/3 - one third - this has worried me as for 2023 earnings could fall behind affordability for the rent. Also lastly he’s not been honest both of their about monthly combined income of 15k when he only has just over 6k when referenced.
English is not their first language and its difficult to communicate with them
I’m concerned if this possible tenants are viable, ive had bad tenants in the past and don’t want to go down that road again.
Any advice from more experienced landlords would be greatly received. (Sorry such long post)

Do not do it they do not sound viable

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They have lied and they have also come up short on the affordability
criteria. I would reject them.

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