Affordable rent


I am 34 and still not been able to get a place of my own like many others.

I have been paying someone else’s Mortgage on time and religiously (renting privately) since i was 17/18 yrs.

On one side you got Landlords milking every penny they can from you unnecessarily and on the otherside you got banks who do not want to believe you even when you are already paying someone else’s mortgage, to offer you a better rate of mortgage.

Im thinking ways to stay off grid to save up now.
Living in a decent van gets to be cheaper than renting out for sure.
Any other ideas…?

If I could go back in time I’d live with my parents longer and save tons of money for a decent deposit. I’m middle age and a Canadian living in UK now so little chance of that! I could live in a decent travelling van but no way I’d do it now. I’ve owned homes in Canada and only rented in the UK - I like renting because when any problems arise that I can’t deal with on my own are dealt with by the owner of the place I’m renting. If only I could have the peace of mind that would come with not getting asked to move because the LL is selling or wants to move into the rental. Dreams ville. I know.

Sorry I can’t give better ideas about how to save up so you can buy your own place. As far as I’m concerned, the system is f’d.

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Nazir, parroting the usual anti landlord rhetoric is lazy and ignorant. Do you complain about paying off other people’s loans if you rent a car, or a deck chair on the beach! You’ve just jumped on a bandwagon because you can’t be bothered to think for yourself.


Nazir, your first mistake was moving into rented accommodation at 17/18 yrs - very difficult to save & pay rent.

Have you got a LISA? Govt will give you upto £1k per year towards your first home. Can you move to a cheaper area of the country? Can you save money by cutting down on unnecessary expenditure?

The truth is, most LLs have worked really hard to build their portfolio. I see tenants with newer cars & bigger TVs that I would ever have! We have saved our money to buy something important. Dissing us just sounds like sour grapes.

Good luck with your saving.

I have an idea.

Have some respect for the landlords who have allowed you to occupy their properties which they have paid for.


Nazir Why not work 2 or 3 jobs whilst younger , like I did,then after 20 or 30 years you can become an overnight success ?


I have five suggestions

  • Take an inventory of your spending and cut back everything you can
  • Rent the cheapest property you can find… downsizing might help
  • Open a decent savings account and keep all the money you can in it
  • Look out for opportunities to take up more than one source of employment
  • Live within your means

I was paying for it whilst staying there… i do have respect to some but most of them are just horrendous.

So you have rented off ‘most’ LLs in the UK? You should see the state some tenants leave my properties in & the damage caused - it’s a two way street! Don’t tar us all with the same brush & we will do the same!


He won’t do that. He prefers to feel sorry for himself and verbally abuse landlords. It’s way easier.

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He hasn’t given any example of behaviour he has faced. He has merely said he is fed up of paying someone else’s mortgage. So in this instance he is one of those tenants we need to stay away from.

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I get the bit about you pay rent but cannot get a mortgage. . Not our fault if you do not have enough deposit… Some have bought a van and kitted it out, others have bought house boats . Each has its own difficulties

Marry someone rich? Easiest way to live

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