Referencing failing and anything. I can do

Hi there.
I am in a bit of a rough situation with my current cash flow etc.
I live in an area that is highly expensive. By going to work and getting a minimum wage of 1300 a month, with rent of 900, travel to work of 35 a week, other bills and food, ignoring clothes etc it’s just not doable anymore. Easy to say I’m just going into more debt.
The only way I can get myself out of debt other than going through a dro or something similar is by moving 170 miles away to a far cheaper area which is fine seen as I have nothing keeping me here.
My issue is my credit score is really suffering and is only on around 200 at the moment. I would be ready to move by November and would have paid another of my debts off by then so should creap up another few points but not much.
Is there away around finding somewhere cheaper to live while it is so bad? As stated, I am looking to pay off my debts but while living here, it’s really not likely I can do that.
If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful

Can you find a guarantor?

Can you find any way of earning more money so that you can save up to pay rent up front?