Self employed and rent trouble

Hello. Due to lockdown me and my partner started business, so we are now self employed about 4 months. Unfortenately our landlord have decided to sell the property and now we have only 3 months to move out. Don’t really know what to do because they want everywhere 6 months of rent in advance or a guarantor. We don’t have any of it. We don’t have really good credit score from the past so there is no way to get a loan. Business is doing well enough to cover the rent, bills and whatever we need to pay but as we just started few months ago we didn’t make that much money for what the agencies are asking for. We even tried council housing but there is long list and apparently we are not in such a crisis. I think we’ve tried all we could but didn’t find any solution. I was wandering if there is any way to make some sort of compromise with agency to pay only 3 monts in advance or is it really that strict everywhere? It wouldn’t be that much of problem if it is just me and my partner but we also have 2 little boys. Please, any idea how to sort this out is welcome. Thank you! David.

Hi David

Ultimately it is the landlords decision what they are willing to accept. Landlords that rent direct may be more flexible as they will meet you and are therefore better placed to make a judgement call. Landlords that rent via agents will tend to want more. Being able to offer 3 months upfront puts you in a better position than a lot of tenants so would have thought you would find somewhere but will depend on individual landlords. Some would accept, some wont. Unfortunately the current rules designed to protect tenants does the exact opposite in making it a lot harder for tenants to find a new place.


i have been self employed for 50 years so have a long track record and accounts every year… I always use an accountant… You will not have a track record so it will be harder. you can compile your own short term account to show a landlord and you will be in his hands. You really need a guarrantor. The goverment have stitched up landlords so we will only chose the "best"in our view… soon as possible plan for the future, if you stay self employed then have accounts every year …You need 3 years accounts to get a mortgage


Not sure when you were given your notice but landlord needs to give six months notice as of the end of August.

First I would like to say thank you for your responds. Unfortenately they gave us notice 25/8 which is before it officially became to be 6 months.

I see. There is that organisation called Housing Hand that provides a guarantor service at a cost.