Agencies using OpenRent

Hi there,

I am slightly worried as me and my friends have placed a Rent Now holding deposit down on a 6 bedroom house and we have found out that the exact same property is on Zoopla for £1,300 per month more than on open rent, and that the person I have been messaging on here actually works for a large estate agency in London.

Many Thanks

Brad B

Hi Bradley,

Thanks for getting in touch.

It’s not unusual for a landlord to ask an agency for help advertising a property - particularly if they live far from the property. So long as they are doing so with the landlord’s permission (and this is something that we check) there shouldn’t be an issue.

One other thing to remember is that some landlords own their properties through companies rather than as an individual. This type of ownership can make it look like an agency is managing a property even when that’s not actually the case.

If you do have concerns about a listing then you can always use the “report listing” option. If you do report a listing remember to provide as much information as you can about your concern. All the information you provide will be passed to our approvals team for review.

Any payment made through our client funds account is held in our client funds account so it is protected until the tenancy has been secured.