Getting ready to advertise. A couple of questions

Hi. Would really appreciate if OpenRent stuff will join in to help as to if these specific things are allowed in the ad ))

  1. Can we say that we will welcome it if you can pay two months in advance?
  2. Can we say that for non-UK citizens rent will be taken for the duration of the contract (6-12 months) because that’s the only way we’ll rent without credit checks.
  3. Is ICO registration required to list with you?
  4. Can we put in the ad that we request bank statements, and, if you disagree, pleasae to not get in touch?
    Thank you.
  1. Only if you then dont take a further payment until month 3
  2. No thats a breach of equalities legislation
  3. Not that Im aware of
  4. Its likely to be counter-productive in my experience.

Some LLs create an application form for prospective tenants and treat the process of renting their property like a job interview. Prospective tenants would need to satisfy all conditions on the application before they can be considered for viewing. You could consider doing the same and include those conditions in the application and not in the marketing.


Thought you was using NRLA Portfolio or are you listing more than one property.

Tried to. Didn’t work.

Its interesting to hear your experience with Portfolio, which I admit I’ve not looked at yet. I will probably continue to view it and others experience from the sidelines for a while longer before deciding whether to use it.

Incidentally, did your post on here go into moderation? Whenever I type the four letter acronym of the association my posts are flagged as awaiting moderation.

Very strange experience. It did go into moderation, so I just went ahead and tried to delete the post. It wouldn’t delete due to some “error”, even though I tried to delete it repeatedly. I honestly thought that with so much effort that post was indeed deleted. And here it is.

And thanks for the heads up about the platform. I won’t mention it again because it makes the post undeletable.)))

It appears as though Openrent may be being a little over-sensitive about mention of the Association.

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