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I have a lodger on a “all bills included” agreement with a reasonably/cheap monthly room rental . Now the tenant puts the central heating on all the time they are home and even opening windows when its gets hot , even putting the heating on when its a sunny day outside , also leaving the central heating on all night and I keep having to switch it off .
Its not cold in the property , because I am walking around in shorts and a t-shirt even though they have left a window open .
I don’t mind putting the central heating on when its cold , but I do think that they are taking the P a bit .
The tenant gets angry when I switch the central heating off and starts stomping around , I refuse to have the central heating on when they have their windows open
How should I procced ?


i wouldbe looking to evict i would lock the valve on the opposite side of the thermostate valve on the rooms he does not use


Fit a smart thermostat, password protected and set the temperature yourself.


I am one of the student in here and it is really appreciate to whom can rent the room in resonably/cheap price. However, the problem I am facing in here when I arrived is , I am still suffering cold eventhough it is warm enough for the person who used to with the weather. Normally, I used to 30 or 35 degree in my country. So I request to landlord that I would prefer to pay more if he could turning on the heater or just make new contract “exclusive bill” but he refused it .

I think the better way is you should make the proper communication with tenants, is he preferring bill included or excluded. If he wants bill included , what kind of rules he need to follow at the onset of contract.


What temperature is the thermostat set to and what is the actual temperature in the house?

If you are living in a shared home with the landlord, then it’s difficult to exclude the heating bill from the rent as there’s no way to calculate your individual usage. The only other way is to offer to pay extra but as you’ve mentioned, your landlord has already refused this option. Perhaps you can buy yourself a small room heater, and of course, wear more clothes/layers indoors. We are in a cost of living crisis so I do sympathise with those who don’t want to or cannot afford to increase the heating in their homes. There’s something called “heat the human, not the home” in this link which you might find helpful:

Yes, I tried to buy small electric heater for my room. However he doesn’t also allow me for that. He even didn’t allow me to use the rice cooker cause it could increased the electricity bill…Anyhow, I survived in those situation and Luckily, I move out from that place.

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This aint going to work !
Tenant needs to find own space and pay own bills then suddenly wearing a jumper wont be such a hardship. Nothing affects a student more than paying their first utility bill, they grow up fast.
Suddenly its wtf! and wearing puffa jackets for breakfast lol


Got the winter out the way and so no heating required .
Same lodger decide to put a tea towel in a prime communal location on a kitchen table and put her cups and things on the tea towel , right next to the cooker and in the way .
There was adequate storage space just below the table and so I moved the cups and things and tea towel to the shelf below . She previously had a loaf of bread in the same location for nearly one month before I threw it in the bin .
Next morning she went into the kitchen and began shouting and swearing , effing and blinding and began slamming the cupboard doors and crashing things about and stamping her feet.
I told her to stop , had to shout at her to stop mistreating my kitchen and to stop having hissy fit and slaming doors .
Told her to grow up and stop behaving like a Child , she then pointed her finger at me and warned me about offending her .
She stood in the kitchen doorway and I asked her to move out the way , she refused to and so I had to squeeze by her , she then put the tea towel back and all her belongings back on the tea towel in prime location in a communal area in the kitchen .

S21 while you still can

She is a lodger and I am a live in landlord , I can just ask her to leave , isn’t that correct ?

does she have any sort of written agreement?

No, nothing written at all .

do you share the same living space? Eg kitchen and bathroom ?

Yes, share the same kitchen bathroom and toilet and she just rents a room in my house

I have a feeling that if a lodger pays monthly you have to give a months notice, if weekly ,a weeks notice. I have a feeling that as all save one room is shared she does not have the same rights as a tenant. If she gets stroppy at the end of the week /month you can ask for police assistance ( whetherv they know the law on lodgers is another matter) Or change the locks when she is out. I am not sure if there has been a law change on this. Maybe see a solicitor?

Colin3 is correct. You should give notice in line with the rent frequency. You can only give shorter notice if problems escatate as you would need go be able to justify it if she complained to the Councll or sued you. You dont need a court order.

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