Bills included or not


I plan to rent my room out in my house while I’m away for a year.

I am trying to decide wether to include bills in the rent or not due to the current global situation.

If I decided to make it bills NOT included, how does this process actually work?

Any advice is much appreciated.



You would need to separate communal energy from room. IE install a meter for the room.

This is bordering on HMO, beyond my level of knowledge I’m afraid.

who else lives in property?

I already rent a room to a friend, so their would be two people living in it. I believe a HMO is 3 or more people.

What kind of tenancy agreement do you have. It would need to reference the terms related to bills.

You should consider joining NRLA where you can download contracts and seek advice.

You need to give us more information. Are you the property owner or a tenant yourself? What sort of contract if any do you have with the existing tenant?

I own the property, I currently don’t have a contract as I rent to a friend

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