All inclusive bills


My son has just moved into a private student rent in York today and all bills (including WiFi) are inclusive.

On arrival we were told (by the rental agency) they had to contact the utility companies themselves and set up payments, which would then be reimbursed when they send a photo of the payment.

This just seemed very odd to me and didn’t sit right? Is this a normal thing to happen? It’s been a while since I rented.

Also when we arrived the place was filthy and they blamed it in a tight turn-around, which as far as I’m concerned is their problem not ours. What sort of rights do we have to insist it’s cleaned?



It should be cleaned especially at present . Take pictures… Is it a HMO? It does seem odd you are right

Agreed it should be cleaned. We’ve complained and waiting to hear back. It’s a HMO yes.

We’ve checked the tenancy agreement and it says all bills included. Seems dodgy to me that we have to pay and ask for a refund…

all bills included means just that, In your rent is council tax , electric gas and water . do not pay seperate from the rent

We’ve not been given a choice and have to sign up to utilities - is there an authority we can complain to?

Not that I know of. …Students union? The uni. who I assume pay a grant for the rent?