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Soon-to-be landlord - Should I include all bills in rent?


Hi there.
I’ll soon be renting my 2-bed flat for between 6-12 months (although this could theoretically change while I’m away.)
Re. Utilities bills, council tax, landline etc - It’s much easier for me if I keep everything in my name and include all bills in the rent. However I’m wary that my tenants might take advantage of this and I’ll end up with huge bills to pay. If anyone has advice on this I’d be really grateful to hear it! Many thanks!


Hi Rob,

Hopefully some other landlords will also share their experience on this.

Most tenants will continue to use utilities as normal - but if you’re worried about excessive usage, you could agree a fair usage amount with the tenants, so that you don’t risk getting faced with higher bills.

Most tenants won’t use a landline, so you could ask them not to use this. With internet it might make sense to go for an unlimited usage package with your provider.

The only other thing to mention is that for your tenants to be on the electoral register the council tax might need to be in their name. I’d suggest you check this with your local authority to make sure they’re happy with your setup.

Best of luck with the rental!



Thanks very much for responding, Simon. That all makes sense. I think I’ll probably change names on council tax and utilities bills, and agree fair usage on everything else.
All the best,