Amend completed reference - how? contact details required

No contact details (email/phone) for “OpenRent Referencing Team” as mentioned in the article ‘Can I amend my reference once it has been completed?’. The link in the article ‘contact details provided here’ switches to ‘Manage your ongoing and previous references here’ - which shows the following “If you have any questions about the referencing process, you can visit our help centre for more information.”. Useful information but does not answer the question which was - "No contact details (email/phone) for “OpenRent Referencing Team”

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for your feedback - we will get that article updated.

If you require any assistance with amending your reference or if you have any other referencing related queries, you can contact us directly through our website here:

Our customer support team are available between 09:00 - 18:00, Monday - Saturday and will respond to any enquiry within one working day.

Best wishes,


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