Telephone number

I want to talk to someone regarding the referencing process.

I have just started a new job and want to discuss the process.

Can I get the contact number ?

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We need to TALK to someone regarding updating details to our open rent new rental assessment.
1/ My husband filled in the application but it has not passed due to information which we can readily provide. I need to be able to show MY income too. is unable to provide my additional income which I receive but pay all the bills from.
On the form he has given our primary residence address in London which we obviously own, as he thought this was what was required.
2/ We have been renting for 15 months and are very reliable tenants but we need to change/update the address to reflect our rental status and therefore upload a referral letter from our present landlord. Who can we talk to?!!

I found their phone number. But I was informed they were a web based group only.

Although the landlords can talk to the.

I reached out vie the online tool and the info given was useful but it’s slowed down the whole process.

They really need a hotline.

I also suspect the positive reviews online are fake.

Everyone theat is negative all says the same thing. Poor communication.

So true… no humans want to discuss issues and when you cant get a tenant referenced in a timely manner because of issues you lose money… you know what they say… you get what you pay for

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