American Student and Verifying Phone Number

Hi there!

I am an American law student working and studying in London this summer. I found the perfect apartment to rent, but I need to verify my phone number. The only issue is I do not possess a UK telephone. Is there anything I can do to directly message the landlord?

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Since you are going to be in the UK for the whole summer, it is definitely worth getting a UK SIM card, they are super cheap.

I was going to do this. Would I be able to get one while I am in the USA? I will look into this. Thank you!

Also, is there a workaround to openrent in the meantime? I really want to secure the flat I found. Not sure what to do about this either.

Ah ok. You can order SIMs to the USA although this will take a few days for it to arrive. The same property might also be advertised on Rightmove or Zoopla, you could try contacting the landlord through one of those sites if they don’t require verification.

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