Openrent verify nu. bers pl

I had a uk landline no on a enquiry, when I rung no one picked up. But I got a call back from a number in Texas saying they got a miss call from me and confirmed that the person was the same as in the enquiry and she herself need the house to rent. She is actually still in Texas and trying to get accommodation this way. Is this allowed? find it strange to circumvent openrent system this way.

Are you asking whether its legitimate for someone travelling to the UK from another country to look for accommodation before they arrive?

no certainly not, what I meant is how openrent allowed such request wherein a uk no is diverting to a USA no. Incidently after I asked for details of income, right to rent this person immediately cancelled the viewing request!

OK. Looks like you may have dodged a bullet.

certainly, I reported to openrent as well.

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