Letting Agent and reposession

Hi all,

Not sure if anybody has any advice on this seems quite complicated but here goes!

I’ve rented a property from a letting agent for 8 years, rent is up to date with next month’s advance to be paid on the 01st. Over the last few years any problems I’ve reported have not been fixed, now there’s mould, damp and loads of other issues that have built up. I had an Electrical Safety Inspection test a few days ago which failed. The letting agent manager had NO idea about it and when I asked him he said he deals with reposessions. Still, the letting agent hasn’t told me anything and have received no letter for eviction as such.

I’m still trying to get down to the bottom of it but they aren’t returning my calls. I’m sure they will. I’m no expert but obviously something’s wrong, has the owner of the property Ben reposessed? And if so is there any other way I can find out that information? I mean I don’t want to be chilling watching Come dine with me with a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape and in come the Bailiffs giving me an hours notice!

Maybe I’m worrying about nothing. But the nice chap who did the electricity inspection did state that he ONLY deals with reposessions. Some other info may be useful, last few years they stopped sending me 6 months tenancy agreements, etc.

Also should o hold this month’s rent payment until I know exactly where I stand?

Any info greatly appreciated.


never withold rent.It makes matters worse . You could get a solicitor to check on the status of the property and for a small fee land registry will tell you who owns it and you can write to the owner

Thanks Colin.

I don’t like the idea of withholding rent but wouldn’t a bank now own the property? And shouldn’t it be the letting agents responsibility to do that and then let me know?

Money is tight at the moment and the guy who came to do the check said I won’t get the deposit back now (it was in a protection scheme). I just don’t want to pay a full month’s rent then be kicked out as I know I won’t see that again!

Again, unsure yet it’s only been a few days but once I get a bit more info I’ll update. Thanks for your help

you cannot be kicked out at only a months notice. In a protection scheme you will get the deposit back as it does not belong to the owner of the property, or any bank the protection scheme looks after it for you

As Colin3 says, you don’t need to worry too much about this as the notice period alone is 6 months at the moment. I wouldn’t necessarily take the lettings manager’s comment to mean that the property is being repossessed. He may just have been trying to fob you off. I think I would write formally to the agent at their registered address and list all the problems in the property and the fact that it failed the Electrical Inspection, which gives them a maximum of 28 days to correct the defects or potentially face a fine from the local authority. I would request that all these defects are dealt with within the same timescale or I would be forced to involve the Council myself.

Thanks Colin, to be fair they can keep the deposit to fix a few little issues I’ve done, no issue with that at all… Buy good to know that I won’t be booted out asap and think I’ll.use this time wisely to start looking around at other options. 8 years and rent up to date don’t think it’ll be too taxing (although a few small issues on my credit report but they’ve been paid).

Thanks David, very solid advice. I think I’ve not worded it as good as I could as the letting agent didn’t tell me it was getting repossessed, it was the man sent from the repossession company to carry out the electrical test who told me! I called the lettings manager whilst he was here as he required access to the downstairs business but he didn’t even know anything about it! Lol

As you can understand got me a little worried, not sure how it’s come about, tried contacting my property manager today but they’ve not got back yet. The issues need fixing though, the mould isn’t healthy but I’ve always said I never want to push it as that could cause tension between all parties ultimately leading to kicking you out at the slightest opportunity.

Always feels like you’re treading on egg shells when renting. Wish it was direct to the Landlord than dealing with this shambles of a letting agency. All I want to know is who now owns it, is it the bank? The same landlord and it’s been worked out? Somebody has to be getting the rent I’m paying. Oh well, hopefully the letting property manager will do the right thing and let me know and I’ll take your advice David and send a polite letter or email re the outstanding issues. I’ll definitely keep paying the rent and also start documenting communication as I’ve seen a lot of threads mention about that in case it does get to a nasty point. Hope not though. If it has been repossessed i hope that somebody buys it at auction I guess knowing it already has a paying tenant whose paid for almost 9 years has to be a good thing.

We’ll see, thanks for all your advice though really appreciated and calmed me down a bit…

Think I’ll crack open that Chateauneuf du Pape!