Hey folks,

My landlord passed away suddenly and the property me and another guy have lived in for the last six years has been sold at very short notice. We both have until April 10th to find a new place to live and I’m starting to panic but I’m also noticing that enquiries for both single bedroom flats or sharing together are getting very, very short answers, are always negative and when I ask for feedback, nothing.

Out of curiosity, I asked a female friend if she had this sort of trouble when she was looking to rent just a few months ago and she said none whatsoever, everyone was tremendously helpful, and the same situation seems to be for friends who are couples. Is this a common thing?

Currently, I’m trying to keep my breakfast down feeling sick that despite having a full time job for many years, a spotless reference from the current letting agents, happy to provide whatever information and jump through any hoops presented to me, I’m being shrugged off with “This property would not be suitable for you - regards” replies, if I get one - what am I doing wrong? Do I lie and say we’re a couple? Do we have to go our separate ways? Do I have to say anything in particular or avoid saying anything in particular?

Genuinely desperate and feeling massively deflated that couples and female renters are apparently snapped up with little concern but single bloke/men sharing I can’t even get the time of day from all but one letting agent (she was fantastic, btw, the property just wasn’t practical unfortunately). Just me feeling paranoid due to the fact I’ve not slept for three nights now?

Cheers for any replies, even if they’re just encouraging words.


Well if you can’t find a place or afford it, go to local council declare your self homeless or if you can sleep on a m8s sofa you will get more points for council housing if you tell me your area I’ll go and get you a link directly to your local homeless.
Ask me anything I’ll be honest m8
Keep your chin up

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Hey Joseph, thanks for the reply, really appreciate it. I’ve contacted my local council to explain I’m at risk from becoming homeless in the next few weeks and have a link to a form that I’ll be completing the minute I get in from work but I’ll definitely bear that in mind when I hear back from them. Still exploring options and trying to keen that chin up, for sure. Not been in this situation before and it’s rubbish so I really appreciate it.

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Moving home is one of the most stressful things in life. And harder on short notice. I sympothize

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If the place has been sold already, then your tenancy has been sold with it. If you have an AST, the new owner must follow the law regarding notice, which would be a minimum of 2 months. If you had a live-in landlord, then its different and you could be given short notice.


Now that is straight forward sound advice

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Google search mid market rentals apply at housing associations as well as your local council

Have you been served a S21 with the date April 10th? First check that the S21 is legal - google it. It is entirely possible that you were not served all the correct documentation & that would invalidate the notice. A S21 is merely the form a LL uses to tell a tenant they want the property back - it does not end the tenancy or mean you must leave by that date. If you do not leave the LL will need to go to court get an eviction order. That will take months although the LL will win & you may have to pay the costs so it is not an advisable route to take!

I suggest you speak to your LL say you are happy to move on but that you cannot find a new rental by April 10th. Ask the LL to give you a bit of extra time while you find somewhere.

As to the being a single guy or guys sharing it is not anything I am aware off LLs having a problem with. It may just be there are very few suitable properties in your area.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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How’s it going Alan, how you getting on?

I really appreciate the advice, folks, thank you - would’ve replied earlier but had a couple of sleepless nights. I’m finding that calling estate agents directly has got me a bit further than trying to enquire online too. Have found a couple of places to view and am coming to terms that even if they aren’t ideal, if I can get a year, or six months, it gives us time to get things more properly sorted.

Been looking at the Section 21 and it all seems to be above board and I’ve decided I’ll get as many enquiries out as I can this week then talk to the letting agent at the end of this week if it’s still looking bleak.

Much obliged to you all, I think half of the panic is how little I understand - wasn’t this complicated last time I moved. Have excellent days, all of you, thank you.