Anyone else is advertising right now?

With OR, I had the same experience last year as Lynn had. I managed to advertise in the window last year to get better rent than advertised on OR. Like Colin, this year, I used an agent in that town. With the inclusion of advertising, communications, viewings, referencing and inventory check in, it has probably worked out cheaper for me than OR. I manage the properties.

That’s what I keep wondering about, Tony. You would think LL will have a pick of the crop. But the reality is very different. It so happened that we had to advertise three of our flats within the last half a year (all with OR). And the experience is almost identical. Apart from budget studio being a bit easier to rent, but not much in it.

What about Mr Hunt? I think I missed it somehow. Or do you mean he’ll cut inheritance tax? TOO LATE for us.

So I advertised 2 properties the first let on day one for£ 775 pcm via agent. North Devon

Second in Cheshire village 2 weeks no takers 5 views then I advertise on open rent 52 view ad 16 appts to view 3 no show. 5 interest shown 2 of these on low income of £25 k and £22k. Rent is £975 I chose in end couple one with Iva but joint income £62 k they are in I took 6 weeks

Wow, I feel like I typed that message!

The amount of people that have IVAs and CCJs now is shocking. I went from around 1 in 10 failing, to 60% failing in this last year or so.

I have recently advertised on here for SE London 1 bedroom flat. Got 56 reply in 2.5 days, stopped the add then. About 10 days later we had a viewing of 4 people two of which wanted it. It was easier this time compared to 3 years ago just before the first lockdown. Thankfully. It is still a tiring and time-consuming task to find a suitable tenant. I telephoned with each one before I invited for the viewing and ask lots of questions. Good luck!

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