Approaching Current Landlords

We have found a new tenant and have paid for the Open Reach referencing and credit checking service. Our tenants are concerned that they have asked to approach their current landlords for a reference. They are only moving as they want to return to our very small village of just 150 houses where rentals rarely come up and if they don’t get our house , they will stay where they are. Is a past landlord sufficient? They do not want to give notice until they are definitely approved? Any suggestions?

Current landlord references are generally worthless, if a tenant is bad the landlord will paint them as angels just to get rid.

I understand why tenants dont want current LL being contacted. I would only rely on previous LL references.

Whatever the results of the reference checks by openrent, you can decide to let to them if you choose to. A failed reference will however not allow you to have rent guarantee insurance, unless there is a guarantor that has passed.

I am happy for them to go ahead with just the psst landlord, but it won’t let them proceed with the application without this information?

Looks like you’ve ordered comprehensive check which does previous landlords etc. See if you can change to speedy check.

Then contact previous landlord yourself.