Are Gumtree adverts get "bumped" up by OpenRent

Gumtree adverts need to be “Bumped up” the page to be effective

If not I will have to do that separately via a Gumtree advert (I rent to DSS tenants so lots of enquires come from that platform)

Hi @Raj1 - thanks for your post.

Yes, adverts managed by OpenRent on Gumtree are “bumped” once per day. This will happen automatically.

I will call OpenRent to get confirmation. Last time I ran a Gumtree advert through OpenRent, they advised that adverts weren’t bumped daily. That was a few years ago (I have the email confirming the same). Thanks

Hi @Raj1 - I’m one of the company directors, so hopefully my word carries some weight. :slight_smile:

Having said that, if you have an example where this feature is failing or isn’t working, do let our team know via email. We’d have to escalate it with Gumtree, but would be happy to do so. As far as I can see from your account, and current live advert, it is being “bumped” on Gumtree once every 24 hours.

I am sure you are right. I was reflecting the response I had a few years ago when I asked this question about Gumtree…ie like Rightmove, the Gumtree advert was posted once. I ended up running a separate Gumtree advert privately so I could bump-up daily

I’ll keep an eye

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