Are Landlord Associations worth joining?

I have never been a member of one.

Some say yes and some say no. We found it to be a commercial exercise for the NRLA to constantly urge us to buy more from them, besides membership. We gave it a year and didn’t renew.

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a few years ago when they had face to face meetings . Great When amalgamation came along, they became Sellers of products . Dissapointing. . Advice is ok


I’m in year one of NRLA but not seeing any reason to renew yet. Not sure what the benefit is yet


Years ago I was a member then I had an issue and felt I left alone! It felt like you have phone answerers who had no proper knowledge. This was probably 5-6 years ago. Didn’t touch them since then.


I have no choice, Oxfordshire Council makes it mandatory since selective licensing has started, also to do some basic learning

I am with the eastern landlords association who ping out updates in legislation that happens all too often that I might otherwise miss. they can advise on various issues. for the money I find them good and worthwhile.
Frankly the governments won’t be happy till they have driven every private landlord out of business, penalties can be draconian for the smallest errors and getting non paying tenants out is a joke.


I’ve found the GRL very useful for keeping up to date & they also provide a great digital application & contract signing platform, not to mention a whole lot of other useful forms etc.


Do you know any landlord that has 2/3 bed apartment to let?

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