Are unfurnished properties like gold dust?

Location: Leeds City Centre
Type: 2 bed unfurnished
Length: 12 month minimum
Situation: My landlord disappeared and stopped paying mortgage and ground rent. I’m living under fear of repossession (my rent is up to date) and want to find a home where I can stay until I purchase my own. Fully employed and over 10 years of on time rent payment history with no deposit deductions.

Hello community :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to find an unfurnished property in my city. I see lots of unlet furnished properties being reduced everyday and whilst lovely, I need the second bedroom for a gym space and have all my own furniture.
I ask the letting agents about considering unfurnished (even at a higher rate than advertised sometimes!) and it just won’t be considered/passed to the LL. I have been looking for 3 months now and seen less than 5 properties on the market that are 2 bed unfurnished in that time.

Is anyone else having trouble like this in their area? Do you know where else other than the usual online site I should be looking?

Equally, please contact me if you have something suitable (details above)!!

I am not in Leeds but I only let out unfurnished places., so there are places out there , keep looking

Thanks Colin, I shall keep sending out positive unfurnished vibes to the world!!

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Where are you looking? I’m just on the outskirts of Leeds (Apperley Bridge) and it’s very rare I see furnished properties. Search on Rightmove, on the marker and Placebuzz have many in Leeds and Pudsey especially 2 bed unfinished. It’s 3 bed homes I’m struggling to find.

Hi Julie,

Thanks for your reply.

It is only the city centre I am looking in (I’ve never heard of Apperley Bridge haha but I’m not from here originally). They are usually all furnished here but to really poor standards and I’d rather just use my own as its much nicer.

I shall keep looking, I hope you find your perfect 3 bed!!!

There are a few housing association ones on Briggate next to Fibre you could try them I believe their office is actually just below them as my friend lived in one and they even have PARKING a very very rare commodity lol I miss her living there as I got free parking. There are also some ok properties in Kirkstall literally 5 mins from the centre and even has a train station now which is approximately 2 mins in to Leeds station.

Haha yes no where has parking here but fortunately for me I don’t know how to drive! Has its pros and cons.
Thanks for the tips Julie, I’m not actually looking for HA accommodation but good to know for anyone else reading this thread in Leeds!

What are you looking for Julie? A previous landlord of mine has lots of properties in towns around Leeds (nothing in city for me sadly) and I could ask him? He doesn’t advertise them anywhere so if there is something you won’t have seen it online.

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to whom are you paying rent BTW? an agent or the LL? i would consider stop paying the rent and put it to one side. maybe ask citizens advice on this. If they are going to repossess the property you might find yourself sitting pretty , you will be just a sideshow as your LL you say has disappeared. Remember they cant give notice for less than six months during covid and with the courts backlog eviction could easily be a year. they might even offer you money to go as you are in a very strong position during covid. never invite a bailiff in - bit like vampires. get advice from the council or CA. Not saying spend the rent on something else but due to unique circumstances you are ring fencing the rent in an account you control until matters resolve as you dont want to pay money to someone who doesnt own it anymore. Oh and yes piles of unfurnished places just dont go in with your complicated story, say you are looking like anyone else keep it simple

Hi Sidney1,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to the conversation, I appreciate it!

I pay direct to the agency and my contract is with them. Its an odd one because the LL gave the agency the instruction to let on fully managed basis in Feb last year and they haven’t heard from her since. I enquired in April, 2 months later, and have only ever dealt with the agency. I have an address for my landlord but any letter I write to her does not get responded to.

I’m not sure where you are based but you mentioned there’s piles of unfurnished properties. If you know of any in Leeds City centre please forward me the details for sure! I’m looking at the more luxury end (as luxury as you can get in my little city!).