AST in MsWord fully editable

I am surprised to see the sample AST has no ways to edit, provided by Open rent for us to use.

It keeps taking you to Rent Now…page …

The sample AST is good for nothing as you cannot edit or input your personal details to get a latest AST

Hi Ajay,

The sample AST is a really important part of what OpenRent is about. Unlike the vast majority of letting agents, we let tenants and landlords see exactly what our tenancy agreements include up front, for free. It’s a key part of our mission to make renting more transparent.

You can of course edit the AST as part of the Rent Now process. There’s nothing to stop you, either, from copying all of our sample AST in into a text editor and changing it as you see fit, although we certainly do not advise this!

I hope that explains why we allow users to download the sample AST :slight_smile: