How do I use OpenRent's AST agreement? The UI and UX are very confusing!

I want to send a sample copy of the OpenRent AST agreement to prospective tenants. However, I want to change some clauses first, and the prospective tenant wants to see a sample contract before paying the holding deposit (very sensibly).

I have spent half an hour shouting at my computer because I can’t work out how to access the contract except for the sample, so I can’t see how to edit it, and I can’t see how I would send anything to the prospective tenant either.


Community, if you can help direct me in any way, that would be very much appreciated.

You could send the sample but then tell them in an email what you intend adding.


You need to be very careful altering clauses. This should be left to legal experts as it can have unintended consequences.

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I’m sorry you’re frustrated by the UX on the site, however, we don’t support the specific functionality you are requesting. This is because generating an AST involves more than simply a button click, and we need specifics of the property, tenancy, tenants (and any guarantors or co-signatories) etc. These are all initiated / configured once a holding deposit has been accepted. Some of the information might also not be something you want to share with a tenant before a holding deposit has been placed (for example your notice address).

As others have mentioned, using custom clauses is potentially dangerous, so whilst we support it, it’s at your own risk and is non-standard.

Those two things combined mean, as per @Mr_T’s comment, your best course of action is to specify precisely what custom clauses you will be adding to the tenants and they can then decide if they are happy with those along with our standard contract.

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