Automatic messaging for appointments

I have a bunch of appointments booked in shortly (via openrent scheduling service) but I’d like to know what information is sent automatically from Openrent about the viewing and what i need to message them.
Do they send them a reminder? If so how long before the viewing and do they provide the address to them or do i need to do this?
I’d also like to ask them to please come on time because i have booked in 15 min slots and might not be able to show them the flat if they are late, is there a way to block msg just all those who have a viewing booked?
Many thanks

I agree to what your saying and we want a viewing and we will be on time not late just let me know to when a day and date

Thanks that’s helpful. I had someone msg and ask me for the address so he must have missed this message perhaps.

…or they just don’t look.

I had one ask, despite also the fact that the house number was also plainly obvious from the photo of the house (disliked by Rightmove, apparently!).

Yes I’ve had people ask for the full address too, and also had one person simply not turn up, no message, nothing.

I’m using OpenRent for the first time as a landlord, and one thing I’m becoming aware of is you don’t really know what’s going on “on the other side”.

It could certainly be improved by informing landlords of the exact messaging tenants receive so we can ensure anything else is provided to them.
This time I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to message them once i had accepted someone’s holding deposit, so I messaged all those that were booked for the next viewing session and apologised that someone suitable was going to put on a holding deposit and their viewing would be cancelled. I’m not sure how Openrent communicates this to them.