Newbie question on arranging viewings

New to openrent though i have many years using traditional agents.
I set up two viewings via the built-in function and saw it displayed as “viewing arranged”. However, both prospective tenants did not show. I used “request contact details” and call tenant via handphone. No pick-up. Strangely one tenant still use the website to ask me my handphone number. I replied but she does not seem to get the message.

Communication seems to break down somewhere. any tips on arranging viewings?

Hi Charles,

I’m sorry to hear that you booked viewings and the tenants did not show up.

When you use our booking system the tenant is notified of the booking details you enter, and also receives a reminder around 2 hours before the scheduled viewing time. They also have a facility to cancel the viewing, which you would get notified of.

We have found that these measures typically reduce the number of no-shows so this is a rare occurrence.

Kind regards,

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Never had a problem with Openrent viewings. I did back to back of about 8 parties one Saturday. The difficulty was weeding out good candidates. The contact details of each viewer should be there when they reserve. Typically I had an email exchange with each prospective viewer prior to their appointment so was fairly (are you every 100%?) sure they’d show.

My properties have meant I have to drive one to two hours to conduct viewings. Its frustrating and very rude if prospective tenants just don’t turn up.

But to be honest - it seems to be part of the package of being a landlord. But I always call people if they don’t show to check if they are delayed or lost.

Often people just don’t read or remember your advert…

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