Potential Tenants

Can OpenRent ban Tenants that make appointments to view a property and then don’t turn up without telling the landlord.

I think we’ve got so many forms of communication that i don’t think it is acceptable for potential tenants to not let the landlords know they won’t be attending their viewing.


they will not do that, it could be seen as discrimination!!

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OpenRent should put it in their clause that if potential tenant don’t have a genuine reason or don’t get in touch with landlords after booking a viewing they shouldn’t be alllowed access to OpenRent.

Simple as that. It’s a waste of Landlord’s time and having to drive over an hours journey just for a potential tenant not to show up.

I like to meet my potential tenants in person.


They won’t do that but I do keep my own records of people that let me down. I have several properties and they don’t get another chance if another comes up.


I always confirm with a tenant that a call or message is needed a couple of hours before any viewing. If they do not respond then I do not attend - it’s as simple as that.

For the past few years I have done a full video of the property which can be sent to a potential tenant by Whatsapp prior to any viewings. You would be surprised as too how much wasted trips/no shows have been saved using this method. Also, I send them a Tenancy Requirement Form in advance and again this cuts the wheat from the chaff.

I don’t entertain tenants who request just a random viewing without providing something upfront. If someone is genuinely interested they will go out of their way to try and get it and will be happy to provide basic information/details etc.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the advise. I will do that in future.


I use the same method Mark55. I’ve found that potential tenants do not read the advert fully and just click on view now, thinking this just entitles them to view.

Hi Mark,
What do you put on your tenancy requirement form.

They won’t do that. You need to really qualify them on the phone first and if they are a no show then thank your lucky stars as they would probably be trouble!

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Thank you for your reply.

I make multiple bookings in say 3 x 2 hour blocks over a week and spread viewings at 20min intervals. i would expect 1 in 3 not to turn up but its no big deal.

if its a single viewing i will always insist we reconfirm an hour before otherwise i wont go.

once went 25 miles to do a viewing and it was a no show and not contactable so modified my approach since then

You can reject the tenant on the basis that they haven’t showed up so they will no longer be able to enquire about your property.

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it would be good for OpenRent to show no-shows in brackets after their name. However a) landlords probably don’t always record whether someone shows up or not and b) people could just use a new email address so we’d need ways around that

My properties are each 25 minutes away, so I now do viewings in blocks of three or four, 20 minutes apart, and I contact people on the day to confirm, and try to arrange another viewing to fill any gaps.

This follows occasions when only 50% of viewers had showed up, and cases when they just put the phone down when rung to ask if they are still coming, 10 minutes after the viewing was scheduled- It was obviously too much effort even for them to apologise for your wasted time.

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From the above comments it shows that this isn’t a random issue.
I too have had to deal with this problem.

I agree. I provide videos, super useful. Thst plus getting them to complete criteria questionnaire normally weeds out the time wasters.
Even if you had a few no shows, you are saving £’000 not using an agent, which is your alternative route

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