Bad Credit Rating but Relible

Hi, I’m selling my house and looking to rent soon.
Financially it’s not an issue but my credit rating is poor due to a CCJ from a parking ticket 3 years ago.
I work full-time, have a clean DBS and can obtain character references.
Would I have a problem renting?

If you are upfront with landlords about the CCJ before they even ask then most sensible landlords will not hold it against you, assuming that the CCJ is now satisfied.

As long as if you are upfront and please willing to give proof of a credit reference via credit company and report of CCJ from website

I have one really good tenant last year and when he agreed to take my property and he said to me that his credit score is not good so it won’t pass. But he had guarantor and guarantor was ok for doing reference.

But my tenant already registered with credit reference company and trying to improve his credit score and so far I had email directly from the credits reference company when he registered and when another one when his credit score improved.

I was very impressed as this is the first time I have best experience about his honesty.

Thanks for your advice.