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CCJ How does the process work?

Looking for advice please.

I had a rogue tenant. After a lot of stress and negotiation and paying her to leave - tenant still owes over £1000 in rent arrears.

Tenant signed an agreement to repay every month. Paid £30 for the first three months then nothing.

Unfortunately I do not know her new address this could be a problem?

I do have her email and mobile number and NI number.

I doubt I will see another penny. But I would like to pursue a CCJ. I have looked into the process via online Money Claim Service

Has anybody got any experience of the CCJ process please?

It’s the CCJ I’m after to stop her doing the same to another landlord.

Thank you

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If you just want the CCJ, you can use MCOL to make a money claim against them using the property address. However, if you are looking for the money to be repaid, then wait for a few months for them to re-surface and then either use social media to track them down or a tracing agent and find their address.


Thanks David
Could you suggest a reliable tracing agent please?

If the outstanding is only 1k it ain’t worth your while chasing

Thanks David for your reply. That’s exactly what my husband thinks.

I suppose it’s just the principle. I should just draw a line under it now But I just don’t want her to do the same to another landlord. It’s a shame the CCJ process is not more simplistic as I have all the evidence - AST and Bank statements etc


Sorry ‘Billy’ got my glasses on now!

Just use MCOL using the last known address then. That’s pretty simple.


Totally agree about a CCJ that will alert other landlords . As we do not have a BAD Tenants List ,it is our only weapon


If you are going after rent arrears fine but just doing it for the CCJ itself is a waste of money
A barrister once pointed out it will be removed in 6 years
Revenge is a waste of energy. Put your money to better use


as David says if you use MCOL it is quick, it will stitch them up for six years. I will take that as revenge any day . I have a lot of energy.


Thank you for your replies On both sides of the fence
I have also found lots of letters to help on NRLA website which might help others re CCJ
mediation etc

Her address is not a deterrent to pursue a CCJ .The email address is sufficient as the ex tenant could be served notice and the court can receive and process any defence she has electronically.

The issue here is that the court costs may eventually outweigh the amount owed. As the court Order itself does not compel the tenant to pay the debt and in order to enforce/register the CCJ against their name it attracts another additional cost of approx £100.00 The court costs are transferable to the tenant of course but the issue is if they are not paying the accrued arrears , they are not likely to pay the court costs either. Weigh it up…

On the one hand, consider yourself lucky to have got rid of a bad tenant for a grand. On the other, I agree that they deserve a CCJ which will make it harder to rent in the future. If that CCJ is against your property then that’s probably better than some sofa surfing address they are at now. Well worth doing a money claim. As for getting any money, your only real option is a deduction from wages if they have a job. If on benefits then I agree with those who say not worth the effort.

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I have CCJ .2008… You can’t get blood out of a stone.
…my current tenant owns £4000 and I’m paying lawyers which extends the process thru court…
Count your blessings.


Hi Nicola, I know exactly how you feel having been there with bad tenants several times myself.
I always take legal action, the outstanding amount is secondary and a CCJ can help prevent these liberty taking idiots from doing this to other Landlords and also stops them getting credit in many other situations. Who said revenge wasn’t sweet!!
The phrase winning a War but losing a Battle can be very true when the amount owed is low however it’s absolutely great to see the look on their face when they lose if they try to defend the action in court.
My advice is go for it.


Geoff . Well said . totally agree. Revenge on these low lifes is good.


Thank you for the address information- that’s reassuring and yes I’ll have to weigh up the costs too

Thanks for the advice
Could be problematic as tenant on and off UC

Thanks Geoff it’s definitely worth considering the CCJ route but have to weigh up cost and will I ever see another penny - unlikely
Wish there was a bad tenant register!

Sorry to hear that Paul
It’s a really stressful situation and so unfair
Hope you get a successful outcome soon