First rent and deposit paymentdelay

Hello, I paid my first rent and deposit balance via an international transfer. However after 5 working days I haven’t got my payment confirmation yet. I am really worried. I double checked the account details and there are all correct.

Hi There,

Thanks for your message and sorry to hear of the difficulty with this.

It can take up to 5 working days for an international transfer to clear so we expect to receive this soon. If you’re concerned about the delay, then as a first step, I’d ask that you contact your bank and ask them to confirm that the payment has been successful and they are not holding it for any reason. Unfortunately banks will sometimes do this without contacting the account holder (i.e. you).

We’d also recommend that you check bank details you used for OpenRent - this is made available to you securely through your OpenRent account.

If your bank confirms that payment has been sent, please contact us via email attaching a copy of the payment receipt - we can then investigate this from our side. You can reach us on

Kind regards,