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Deposit ans rent paid but no confirmation

I have paid the deposit and the rent but I have had no confirmation and the system is still asking me to pay, this is panicing me now as it is a lot of money to go missing, and to not be able to call up and check is luducrus, please can someone contact me asap.

Curious about the same issue! Paid my rent and deposit by manual bank transfer last night and am still waiting for OpenRent to confirm. Does anyone know how long this usually takes? I’m sure it’s fine but as the original poster mentions, it’s a lot of money and I’d really like some reassurance.

Hi Have you had any luck yet with the payment being received? Ours is still not showing


Hi all, me too last few years. It gets paid via bank transfer but to be fair the bank statement/online transaction should be suffice. You’re transfer will have a reference on their too. Wouldn’t worry too much unless somebody else knows any different?

The only time I used to get a confirmation/receipt through the post is if I paid by Debit card or cash.