Barclays does not recognise sort code and account nr given by openrent

Hello, Barclays does not recognise the sort code and account number provided in here (Account Number: 09262261; Sort Code: 04-00-72) and states the risk of the transfer going to the wrong account.

For some reasons, OpenRent account does not seem to be recognisable and since we need to pay deposit+first month, we don’t know what to do. Has anybody else got the same problem when paying for deposit and first month rent?

Thanks for getting in touch.

I understand you are trying to pay your rent and deposit for your tenancy application, but your bank has flagged your payment to OpenRent.

Due to the high value of rent and deposit payments, this is an extra step which banks will sometimes take to ensure the security of your money.

Where this happens, we advise you double-check the bank details we provided for payment to ensure you have instructed your bank to send money to the correct account for OpenRent. These are provided securely via the website, and only visible when you are logged into your account. I can see that you have now successfully made this payment.

For future reference, our banking provider is called Modulr (full name: Modulr FS Ltd) - some banks display this information against the sort code.

Our website is delivered over a secure HTTPS connection, which you can verify by checking for the padlock icon in your web browser.

Where your bank has queried the payment, you may need to contact their customer support team in order to confirm the details and release the payment.

In terms of how OpenRent protects your money once we receive payment - OpenRent is a member of The Property Ombudsman, and we have strict processes in place for handling client funds.

We also have client money protection in place, which you can find details of here: