Tenants BarclaysBank not able to transfer to Open Rent /Deposit?

Met tenant last weekend and we exchanged contracts with the moving date on 01 November.

The first part of the rent was paid and now is required to pay full Deposit and rest of the first payment of the Rent.
For security reasons, however, Barclays Bank does not allow him to transfer the rest of the money flagging Open Rent Bank as Fraud.

He even went directly to the bank to make a transfer only to learn this afternoon that not only transactions did not happen but the account was blocked.

Not sure now if only Barclays Bank thinks that the bank used by Open Rent is fraudulent.
It is frustrating knowing that part of the rent was paid already.
What is a way around this?
Can somebody else pay for the tenant outstanding Full Deposit and Rent since he only has Barclays Account.
Can you please help since this is third day …Thanks

I received copy and paste email again


Thanks for getting in touch.

I understand your tenants are trying to pay your rent and deposit for your tenancy application, but their bank has flagged the payment to OpenRent as suspected fraud.

Due to the high value of rent and deposit payments, this is an extra step which banks will sometimes take to ensure the security of your money.

Where this happens, we advise you double-check the bank details we provided for payment to ensure you have instructed your bank to send money to the correct account for OpenRent. These are provided securely via the website, and only visible when the tenants are logged into their account here:

Our banking provider is called Modulr (full name: Modulr FS Ltd) - some banks display this information against the sort code.

Our website is delivered over a secure HTTPS connection, which you can verify by checking for the padlock icon in your web browser.

Where your bank has queried the payment, you may need to contact their customer support team in order to confirm the details and release the payment.

In terms of how OpenRent protects your money once we receive payment - OpenRent is a member of The Property Ombudsman, and we have strict processes in place for handling client funds.

We also have client money protection in place, which you can find details of here: https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#doyouhaveclientmoneyprotection

They can also make the payment using truelayer verification, or using a UK debit card.

Please do let us know if we can help or advise further.

Kind regards,
Matthew C.

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is saying your bank provider is Scam

You really should sort this thing out …