Beds - where to purchase

Can anyone recommend a good place to get good quality beds from?

Where are you based, if around Manchester will give you name of company that clears slightly damaged beds from top companies ie Slumberland, Sealy, Harrison, (they are new but slightly damaged and the companies won’t rework them) they also handle fantastic headboards.

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Thanks tony I’m in London wonder if they will deliver there?

If you need a few, might be worthwhile hiring a van to pick up. I guess you can sleep on it.

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check out wowcher. I have replaced 2 beds & 3 mattresses through them and saved £££

Memory foam mattresses, 1 bed ottoman, 1 wooden framed bed.

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Google furniture auctions in your area, you will probably find a company that does similar to Manchester, don’t buy blind visit the auction and ensure they are new factory seconds.

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Just a tip, if you are buying from auction set your price very low and stick to it, they charge commission on the hammer price and also vat, if you are not careful you can get dragged along with the bidding and some will be sleepers to get the price up.


nothing worse than a sleeper when you are trying to buy a bed. Look under the covers !


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Just say Kelly from Exclusive gave you the details

Kind regards Kelly

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