Booking a service call - gas safety

Is anyone, like me, still dissatisfied with the OR booking system for services like gas safety checks. The price is ok but the system of exchanging emails breaks down if the service provider doesn’t respond in a timely manner. They should be forced to give a phone number and save everyone’s time.

I also think suggesting a date and time seems to get ignored as the appointment invariably comes back when you are not there. Again sorting this out would be so much simpler if we were able tactually speak to the person doing the work, or their company. Otherwise the chances are appointments will be missed, time and money wasted.

Come on Open Rent - you should do better than leave it to chance that the technical will want to email their clients when everyone works by phone in these cases!

In principle it’s good but there is no way I would just let anyone do work on my boilers or anything else.

I like to use suppliers I know and can speak with.

I usually get them to arrange time with tenant direct.


Not only that, it makes it easier for them to not really care as they have had no direct contact with landlord, so distanced.

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