Deposit decuction for electrical problem with the washing machine


We hand in the key back to the landlord last Friday and check our report came clean, however the new tenant sent an email couple of days after we moved out that they are having issue with washing machine, the landlord requested me to go and visit the new tenant with him after a week to have a look at the washing machine. Upon our visit we diagnosed that there is a electrical (most probebly software issue) with the machine, as it sometime doesn’t recognise the door is close and it needs turning off and one for couple of times before it can detect the door is closed. According our tenancy agreement repair of electrical and mechanical items belonging to landlord is his responsibility. The washing machine was working fine when we were using it, now after we moved out it got this issue the landlord is trying to make me responsible to repair the machine. The washing machine is also quite old and the landlord got it with the property when he purchased it last year and it seems the previous landlord had it for a long time. The electrical items have life span and they dont lost for ever, it doesn’t feel fair that he wants to deduct from our deposit.
Could you please advise what you think with this situation, it was working fine for us, if there was any issue with it we would have reported it as it is landlord obligation to repair it, could anyone advise how we should deal with this situation?

The landlord is being unreasonable, unless there’s signs of neglect caused during your tenancy or you have advised there’s something you’ve done to cause it then it’s the landlord’s responsibility only.

Tell the LL that the issue is simply wear and tear and the fault developed through normal use and as a result it’s their responsibility…

Do you have evidence that your deposit has been lodged with a tenancy deposit scheme? If so you can dispute it.


If the landlord wont see reason then tell him to go through the deposit scheme and you can just dispute it there.


Why on earth did you agree to even visit the property again with him ? Absolutely not your problem.


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