Kitchen Top - Fair wear and tear or not?

There is a small damage to my kitchen top. Picture attached. Could someone suggest if it falls under fair wear and tear? If not, would the landlord/agent deduct the amount equivalent to the entire kitchen top replacement including labour?

I usually have coasters on my kitchen top - have no idea how did this happen. Unfortunately, didn’t notice it any earlier.

Get localised repair quote, no need to replace whole countertop.

Seems pretty bad, more neglect than wear and tear to me.

This can be filled “painted” and sealed . There are little kits for this

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Thanks. I made an attempt to get a quote for the localized repair - they said 240£. For this damage of the quarter the 5 pence coin size, 240£ seemed quite high. Any suggestions on the agents/folks doing this sort of repairs? Thanks again.

Go to howdens or the store where you bought the work top
Ask them for a repair kit and follow the instructions

Howdens is expensive so see if you can get it from your supplier
If you go to toolstation you can get wax wood repair sticks
They are coloured crayons you just rub into the damage ( get the grey colour pack )

Rub the wax in to make the surface flat

If you have the edging strip that came with the worktop cut out a piece to match the defect and iron it on or superglue it
That’s the cheapest way to do it

The latter is a much cheaper option

Google: Unika Colour Fill. Might do the job

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I have discovered a similar but more significant damage to the counter top in my property.The top is cracked in 2 places on the narrow part in front of the sink.The tradesman said repair was not possible and quoted £750 labour + £210 materials for replacement.My claim is now being assessed by the deposit agency.Ill report back when I know what their final resolution is.

I have just replaced work work tops
I bought the tops from wickes with a 10% trade discount

I found a joiner on Facebook at £120/day
It only took him half a day
It cost me a days labour and material
£300 total
Joiner did all plumbing & silicone. gas cooker reconnect was £65 plus tape which was about £8 with gas engineer

I took old tops to tip in the car after joiner cut them up for me

Look around try the websites Facebook and ask your regular trades if they know someone

For the same job other joiners quoted £380 a day joinery labour only

Facebook has trades and services for your area

Join the group and post your job and see what prices people are quoting
People charge extra on kitchen fits so find a joiner who will do it without the exorbitant prices of a kitchen fitter

Thank you.Thats really good advice and having a yardstick will help me pay a fairer price.My top is also from Wickes but the 4 m original length is no longer available so it’s not a straight forward like for like replacement.

The same worktop in Howdens was twice the price !

If you buy the materials and have it on site ready you can usually get a much cheaper deal from workmen as they don’t have the hassle of doing your shopping

There are always chancers who will try it on though!
When you procure yourself you will always look around and see what you can get cheaper. Also haggling is much easier in this current downturn

Some laminate runs out of fashion but there are online places where you might get a match for a better price

A joiner worked on a flooring factory that manufactured for all the big stores told me
The only thing that differed was the packaging and the price
The product was all the same

good price that joiner. i charge £150 a day

I could not believe it either
I’m still trying to figure out how he can be so cheap

Semi Retired? There are not many time served joiners around now Some “tradesmen” because of a shortage are charging £300 a day Esp Bricklayers. They will get no work off me. !

Sometimes the timber yards have worktops in at cheaper prices but if you are matching up it will be harder to find maybe and they vary by 10mm approx in thickness. also, so watch out for that.

No, he’s working full time