Can I ask the tenants to tidy up?

My tenants are leaving end of February and I’m wanting to show prospective newbies around but the place is very very cluttered and, always dirty pots around the kitchen - can I request(nicely ) that they tidy around a bit ?

You can request what you want butvthe tenant doesn’t have any obligation to tidy up during the tenancy. If it’s a mess it may be better to wait until they leave as empty places are much easier to let and as a result you are more likely to fet a good tenant.

If you do want to show round now to avoid a void period it is normally best to work with tenant and agree you will only do a limited number of viewings at times convenient for them as they are more likely to tidy for 1 block of viewings than having to live tidily permanently and they have the incentive that if its tidy its more likely to be let out and therefore there wouldn’t be any more viewings to disturb them.


wait till they have gone. You may have a bit of decorating to do. You want to tell them to wash the dishes ? Brave girl


Is this another joke post ?

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Why would it be a joke :flushed: it was just a simple question for advice !!

Thank you Richard19 :+1:

Better to show it after theyve left.

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