Tenants lack of cleaning

Went to check my house today being let to a couple for only 6 months. It was filthy, clutter, dirty dishes, greasy sticky floors. Carpets dirty, stains on walls. Can i insist they clean up? I was spotless when handed over!

Did you do an inventory at the start of the tenancy?

You cant dictate how they live. Only the condition its returned in. I think its reasonable to point out any areas that are damaged though, such as marks on walls that cant be removed and any health and safety concerns.

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It’s a tricky one this is. One person’s clean is another’s tip.
Most of our tenants do pretty much no cleaning, even the ones you would expect to be houseproud in their own space.
We see it as an occupational hazard now and when they move out we expect to repaint and deep clean.

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