Can I do referencing on 2 potential tenants at the same time before using Rent Now

I’m new to OpenRent. Just want to check, in the case that I have 2 candidates that you like, you want to run referencing on both before proceeding with Rent Now feature. Can I basically do that? As in, order a stand alone referencing on both but ask both not to click on Rent Now until referencing report is done.

This is because as I read from the guides, once a person click Rent Now and I accept to proceed to referencing, the listing is marked as unavailable, which might push my 2nd choice to go and find another one, or any prospective tenants for that matter. I would prefer to keep my listing active and still do viewing until the referencing on both are done.


Yes, where you have multiple potential tenants, you can order references at anytime from here for any number of tenants:

In the unlikely event a tenant places a holding deposit before you are ready / have completed your references, you can simply cancel it and then request the holding deposit when you are ready.

Alternatively you can:

  • Proceed with your first choice in Rent Now and let your second choice know you’ll contact them if it falls through. You could even reference them at the same time.
  • Where a tenant has done our pre-checks, you’ll see a “Verified Tenant” status. This should give you a better indication of which tenant would be your preference, and also mean full references are much faster.

It’s worth noting that tenant references are often completed in < 24 hours, so the wait time for your second choice (and thus risk of them finding somewhere else) isn’t going to be very long here whichever path you take.

Good luck!

@Daz great, thank you.

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